Town of Clifton Park Arbor Day

On Saturday, April 24, 2021 the Town of Clifton Park held kick-off celebrations for a week long event to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day. Our team was invited to promote the LLAMA Challenge. The event was held at the Clifton Commons. We went, had fun, and explained the LLAMA Challenge and our solution to others. We passed out flyers and had people scan the QR code for the Clifton Commons locations so they were on their way to completing the LLAMA Challenge.

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Finishers of the LLAMA Challenge

As of May 7, 2021 JL and VFL are the first people to visit all 24 parks listed on the LLAMA Challenge page.Congratulations to our first finishers!

On July 28,2021 AC (Al) completed all 24 parks, trails and preserves listed for the LLAMA Challenge page. Quote from Al: "The Llama Challenge is a wonderful way to explore and become better acquainted with the wonderful park system we have. We will certainly be returning to many of the areas we visited for further exploration while enjoying the scenery, the free exercise and fresh air." Al, thank you for the feedback and congratulations on completing our first challenge.

As of July 29,2021 JPCD (Jennifer) visited 20 of the 24 parks listed on the LLAMA Challenge page. Quote from Jennifer "I enjoyed this challenge as it was a great way to explore and get to know the Clifton Park area. I especially enjoyed the locks/parks in the Vischer Ferry portion of the challenge. It was great seeing people out and about at all of the stops enjoying the great outdoors! Looking forward to the next one!" Jennifer, thank you for the feedback and congratulations on completing our first challenge. Stay tuned for another challenge to be announced by the end of the summer 2021.

As of August 23, 2021 Amy Flood, Town of Clifton Park Councilwoman visited 20 of 24 parks. "I am very proud of the Shenendehowa Robotics Team for developing the Llama Challenge. I really enjoyed visiting all the beautiful parks that Clifton Park and Halfmoon have to offer. It was fun to visit each location and easy to submit the QR code’s to the Robotics Team. I hope many residents get out to enjoy the work put into their project." - quote from Amy. Thank you for taking the Llama challenge and for making Clifton Park a wonderful place to live.

As of September 5, 2021 Melissa Donovan visited 20 of the 24 locations. “Thank you for having the program. "I can’t wait to get my badge." - Quote from Melissa's almost 5 year old daughter and trailblazer. Thank you both for exploring our local treasures.

List of Finishers of the LLAMA Challenge

This is a list of all our finishers of the LLAMA Challenge: JL, VFL, NH, AC,JPCD, AF, and MD. Congratulations to all! :)